The engine room.

The Tech Impact Network is a coordinated research endeavour across multiple university programs charging at the current ordering of technology and power.

The tech ecosystem owes much of its unmitigated power to concurrent phenomena of unparalleled market control, stymied public discourse, shrinking public institutions, and atomised dissent.

To counter this, the network’s strategy is one of collective action and collaboration, designed to provide communities with tools and techniques for resisting corporate tech and imagining pro-public futures. It will incubate work on an accelerated timeline over the next five years on the themes of tackling lawlessness, empowering workers, and reimagining tech.

This is a truly global project.

We’re excited to announce the five inaugural nodes in our virtual, global, impact-oriented network – established to rebalance power and restore agency in a world dominated by digital platforms.



Minderoo Centre for Technology and Democracy
University of Cambridge
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Minderoo Tech & Policy Lab
The University of Western Australia
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Minderoo Initiative on Technology and Power
University of California, Los Angeles
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Minderoo Initiative on Tech and Society
New York University
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Minderoo-Oxford AI Governance Challenge Fund
University of Oxford
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