Theft of the future.

That’s one way to describe how our options are stunted by accepting what we have now as the only way tech can be.

Reimagine Tech

Build tech for wonder and discovery, not surveillance and oppression.



Build the New Counterculture

Early-internet promises of unfettered knowledge have given way to advertising mega-machines.



_Build narratives for collective agency.

Cold, colourless visualisations of robots, computer wiring, and bits: the architecture of progress is so often static. Futures are plural.

Through a combination of arts and culture, journalism and storytelling, and creative, pro-public innovation, we can collectively imagine, design, and build different, better futures.

Let’s elevate the imaginaries of artists, storytellers, and community elders. Let’s defend public benefit over corporate capture.


Future Says_: have confidence in our power to shape tech. This means bringing new teams of people together to shift the typical application of technology as a surveillant and controlling force to an emancipating and exploratory set of options. This also means knowing our history, reckoning with the many ways technology has replaced and replicated colonial practices.

We cannot simply ‘ethics’ our way out of oppressive trade-offs. When it comes to our obligations to human rights, to safety, and to protect against harm, not all tech can be ‘fixed’ or made ‘good’. Some tech simply shouldn’t exist. Let’s build the futures we really want.